Welcome to MyAdventistHealth — your direct link to your very own personal electronic health record. Click here to visit the MyAdventistHealth portal.

With MyAdventistHealth, you can manage your health care 24/7 — easily, accurately and securely.
  • Request to schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments anytime, even when we’re closed
  • Receive reminders of important care items
  • Send a message to your doctor for health advice
  • Access your health records in one place, such as procedures, lab and test results, immunizations, medications and allergies.

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If you have already registered for this service, please login to MyAdventistHealth. If have not registered for MyAdventistHealth and would like to sign up, please contact your local doctor's office or Adventist Health hospital. If you would like to return to your local hospital's site click on the link below.