Candy Bonilla Receives Daisy Award

June 7, 2013
Los Angeles ,CA
Nurses are nominated for the Daisy Award by patients or family members. Here is what they had to say about Candy Bonilla, RN, Maternity, White Memorial Medical Center:
"I was having a very difficult time breastfeeding. Milk was not coming in and as soon as I mentioned this to Candy, she came in with a breast pump and ice packs and started helping me. That evening I was already feeding my own milk to my baby which meant the world to me! My husband and I felt very comfortable with her because she was well-informed and prepared for all our questions."
"Candy made my experience at White Memorial a unique one. As soon as she greeted us, she was polite and compassionate towards my baby. She answered all of my questions and met my needs on a timely manner. Candy by all means cannot be in another field but nursing. We need more nurses like her! Thank you!"
"She strives for outstanding service to her patients and family. Has great knowledge, has great manners and met all my needs. Wonderful nurse!"
"She always has a smile whenever I needed something. Good working skills with my family and me. Good people skills. Loved the way she treated me. Thank you."
"Candy: Es una excelente enfermera y muy amable y comprensiva y recibí un trato de lo máximo. Muchas gracias Candy por tus cuidados."

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