Radiology Today Article: Successful Dose of Monitoring

November 5, 2013
Los Angeles ,CA
Radiation dose reduction is a growing priority for hospitals and health systems, helping to improve patient safety and satisfaction. In California, where White Memorial Medical Center is located, and several other states, dose monitoring goes beyond best practices and is required by law.
Developing and implementing a dose monitoring and management program had been a goal at White Memorial since 2005, long before state law required such monitoring. The hospital established the following three goals in this area:
• Develop principles that guide current and future technology purchases.
• Make dose reduction a priority.
• Combine the recommendations of the Image Gently and Image Wisely campaigns with local quality control and quality assurance.
Digital Transition
Like many hospitals, White Memorial has undergone a vast transformation since 2005; making the transition from analog to digital x-rays has implications and provides opportunities in regards to radiation dose. For example, evolution in direct DR technology expands the use of X-ray as a diagnostic modality with less patient radiation exposure. At White Memorial, the cesium detectors used in Fujifilm’s FDR-Go DR system have enabled dose reductions of more than 50% over the hospital’s previous CR techniques while producing equivalent or improved image quality. A combination of the technology and reeducation of technologists and physicians made such improvements possible.

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