Diabetes Care

Diabetes Education


We offer an ADA approved curriculum that provides patients with the tools and knowledge necessary to manage their diabetes.  Patients will meet individually, or in a class, with Certified Diabetes Educators.



On the Road to Better Managing your Diabetes

  • What is diabetes
  • Common myths about diabetes
  • Types of diabetes
  • Feelings that you have about diabetes

Diabetes and Healthy Eating

  • Relationship between food and blood glucose
  • Carbohydrate counting
  • Meal planning
  • Strategies for healthy eating

Monitoring Blood Glucose

  • Setting blood glucose targets
  • What makes blood glucose go up and down
  • Preventing high and low blood glucose
  • How to use your numbers

Continuing your Journey with Diabetes

  • The ABC’s of managing your Diabetes
  • How to delay or reduce the risk of long-term complications
  • Diabetes medications
  • Key tests and exams

Diabetes in the Real World

  • Recap and questions
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Review of A1C



Surviving Gestational Diabetes: This interactive three hour class teaches the management of blood glucose levels for participants with diabetes during pregnancy. All aspects of control are presented including nutrition, insulin self-administration, self-blood glucose monitoring and goals for optimum control. The goal of the class is to keep both baby and mother in good health for a successful pregnancy. A referral from a physician is required in order to attend the class.

Click here to download the Gestational Diabetes flyer (English and Spanish versions).


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